How to Sell Inherited Antique & Estate Jewelry

Many customers come to us with jewelry they’ve inherited from a family member. Most don’t know what they have, what it’s worth, or what to do with it. We even had one customer who put a platinum ring worth over $10,000 in her yard sale for $5.00. As experienced certified and graduate gemologists we’ve seen it all, and since we deal in Estate and Antique jewelry everyday we are uniquely qualified to help you and your family.

How we can help: 

When you work with a local, trusted jewelry store like Smithworks, we’re here to help you and your family. Our jewelry appraisal services include:

  1. We can value pieces of jewelry for members of your family. We will individually bag and write a Fair Market Value (FMV) on each item. This information allows a family to split or gift the items in a equal and fair manner.
  2. We can also do an FMV appraisal that identifies the metal and stones, including weights. This is a good option if you plan to sell to an individual or just want extra knowledge of what you have. 
  3. If you’re interested in keeping the jewelry, we can of course do a full retail appraisal for your own knowledge, and to use for insurance purposes.

Smithworks charges for these services depending on the number and complexity of the items. Please call the store for pricing.

Jewelry Buying Services:

Whether you’ve inherited jewelry from a family member, experienced a divorce, had a change in your financial situation or even just shifted your taste, you may end up with jewelry you’d like to sell.

If you are selling to an individual, please see our jewelry appraisal services above.

If you want to sell to us, Smithworks buys jewelry for our Estate Collection if the jewelry is in good condition, and we believe the piece is something we can sell. If it’s something we can’t use, we can generally point you in the right direction. If the piece is in poor condition, we can often offer to buy it based on the gold content.

Please keep in mind, if you are selling contemporary jewelry that was in fashion and popular 20-30 years ago, it is not necessarily in style today. If it isn’t in style, we likely won’t be able to sell it, so we wouldn’t buy it.

When we determine how much we can offer to buy a piece, we have to balance cost versus selling price. In other words, when we purchase a piece, we need to buy it below fair market value (FMV) and resell it at FMV to make a profit. So, if you want FMV for your jewelry, you need to sell it yourself to an individual. 

If you have jewelry you’d like to sell, please contact the store. There is no cost for an estimate or purchase.