One Carat Diamonds

A one carat diamond (1.0ct) has become the gold standard for engagement rings. We have many 1 carat diamonds to show you here at Smithworks, but we like to use our expertise and knowledge to show you options, and make sure you’re selecting the right one for you.

<p>How to choose the right 1 carat diamond engagement ring</p>

Choosing the Right Diamond

Many customers come into our store with a specific clarity and color grade in mind. We agree that both of these factors are important, but we believe the very best way to assist you in selecting a diamond is to begin with your budget and desired stone size.

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<p>Smithworks helps you find the perfect engagement ring at an affordable price</p>

Maximum Luxury Make Affordable

For full beauty with a smaller pricetag, we suggest a stone that is slightly under a 1.0ct. We have many stones from .90 to .99ct that would be indistinguishable from a 1.0ct strictly from a size standpoint. A 1.0ct is typically 6.4–6.5mm in diameter and a .90–.99ct can be 6.2–6.4mm, so the difference is hard to detect.

Another option is to consider the double halo collection. You can use a center as small as a 1/3 of a carat and still have a large look for the total diameter (stone + halo).

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<p>ASET technology shows the true cut, quality and beauty of a diamond</p>

Technology to See Quality and Beauty

To unlock the true beauty of a diamond, it must be cut to ideal proportions. 60% of the value of a diamond can be determined by how well it is cut, as this is the only human element involved.

AGS Laboratories' A.S.E.T. device can prove just how well your diamond is cut, and it's only available at Smithworks.

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