Smithworks Forever Bands

The diamond eternity band is perhaps the most versatile of all ring styles. The band is most traditionally seen as a solid metal band encircled with diamonds; the never-ending nature of the setting is intended to symbolize endless love.

The diamond eternity band is intended to be worn above the engagement ring and wedding band to complete a stack of three rings. It is given for an anniversary, birth of a child, or as an alternative to a wedding ring. The latest trend is wearing it in the center of a stack with smaller bands set beside it.  

The only drawback of a full eternity ring is that it cannot be sized. Very few people wear the same size forever, so should your eternity band no longer fit the only option is to remove all the stones and re-set the diamonds in a new band.  Offered in Platinum, 14 and 18K gold to fit any finger size, our Smithworks Forever bands are created to be cherished and worn for a lifetime.  And to show our commitment to eternity, we will resize any Smithworks forever band band for its original owner for life, free of charge. Some exclusions apply, see store for details.