One Carat Diamonds

A one carat diamond (1.0ct) has become the gold standard for engagement rings. According to The Knot, a 1.0ct is the most popular size stone for couples getting engaged. We have many 1.0ct diamonds to show you here at Smithworks, but we also use our expertise and knowledge to show you options to ensure you’re selecting THE RIGHT ONE for you.

Many customers come into our store with a specific clarity and color grade in mind. We agree that both of these factors are important, but we believe the very best way to assist you in selecting a diamond is to begin with your budget and desired stone size.

For example, let’s say you want a 1.0ct diamond and your budget is $4,000–$5,000. We would suggest a clarity grade that has some internal inclusions not visible to the eye. If that’s not for you, maybe a clearer diamond with a slightly warmer tint of color (increasing the clarity and lowering the color). If neither of these is what you’re looking for, we have additional options.

If you aren’t hung up on a 1.0ct diamond, we suggest a stone that is slightly under a 1.0ct. We have many stones from .90 to .99ct that would be indistinguishable from a 1.0ct strictly from a size standpoint. A 1.0ct is typically 6.4–6.5mm in diameter and a .90–.99ct can be 6.2–6.4mm, so the difference is hard to detect.

Another option is to visit our Engagement Ring Specials page and look at the double halo collection. You can use a center as small as a 1/3 of a carat and still have a large look for the total diameter (stone + halo).

Now let’s talk about the WORST way to stay in your budget: buying a poorly cut diamond. At Smithworks, we believe the cut is the most important aspect of a diamond. Cut is not the same as the shape of the diamond. When we say cut, we are referring to the actual cutting of the diamond to unleash its beauty. And no amount of clarity and color can make up for poor cutting. Cut is our specialty. We rely on an ASET machine that is scientifically proven to determine which diamonds are the brightest. A poorly cut diamond will not perform well in an ASET machine. If you are interested in seeing this technology up-close and personal, come and visit Smithworks and we’ll discuss clarity, color, carat weight—and most of all, cut—to help you find the perfect diamond.


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